How to be Safe When Replacing a Flat Tire 

There are a lot of cases, nowadays, of people either get injured or worse, killed when replacing a flat tire. Professional and highly-trained emergency roadside assistance service providers know how to handle emergency situations safely while average drivers do not.  Replacing a Flat Tire

The most important thing to do is to, first, find a safe place to pull over. When you get stuck on a highway and have a chance to get to your next exit which would be your best choice. If this is not attainable, you may pull over to a place far on the shoulder of the highway as you possible can. In addition to that, you should keep away from curves as these are very hard for upcoming traffic to see you. Furthermore, try to find as flat location as you can when putting your vehicle on a jack on a hill may be quite hazardous. If you have a manual transmission type of car, ensure that your hand brake is on and at the same time, leave the vehicle in any gear. 

Your hazard lights should be turned on. 

Get the wrench and jack along with your spare tire and bring them close together to where the flat tire is in order to make your task a little easier. If you have additional tool which would be helpful for you, gather them closely as well. 

If possible, take out the hub cap which may be hiding lug nuts. Once finished, loosen up the lug nuts with a wrench. If they are too tight, stepping on the lug nut wrench would be helpful to solve your problem. 

Find the right spot to set up your jack beneath your car. You might be needing to consult your car’s manual if you have a hard time locating the location for the jack. Once the jack is already secured, jack up your vehicle until it’s approximately six inches off the ground. 

Remove every single lug nut one at a time as well as ensure to put back the blood nut which are being removed in a certain place where they will no longer get misplaced. The moment the lug nuts are removed, pull the wheel and the tire straight to you until it is already off the posts. 

Then, take your spare tire and put it over the posts. Push the spare onto your car until it may no longer be tightened any further. 

Screw lug nuts however, do not fully tighten them first. Once they are secured however, not fully tightened, lower your car back to the surface. And once the tire is set on the surface, it is the right time to fully tighten lug nuts. 

Fully lower the jack and remove it from your car’s chassis. By this time, you can now place your tire tools back in the trunk together with the damaged wheel and tire. As a choice, if your tire is not totally damaged or destroyed, you can use the handy spray type flat fixer which is very easy to use or you call a professional roadside assistance near me.


Number of Reasons to Call a Local Towing Company 

We need our cars in our everyday busy life and we cannot avoid that sometimes they just suddenly stop in the middle of the road without knowing the reason why. There are several reasons you should call a local towing service immediately when this kind of accidents happened to you. You should not stress yourself out because there are local towing services available in just a click away.  Local towing services and tow trucks are now available and are always to the rescue not just for your personal cars but even for large vehicles. Local Towing Company

Reason #1: Avoiding serious Accidents 

When your car suddenly stopped working in the middle of the road, you probably think that the best thing to do is to call a friend and have your car connected with his through large chains. This is also a way to take your car home safely, but you need to make sure that the chains should not get loose because your car might drift off somewhere and cause a more serious accident. That’s why it’s best to call a trusted towing service to tow your car safely through a reliable tow truck.  

Reason #2: Avoiding Damage to the Towing Car 

Remember that when you call a friend they should have a larger car than the ones you have. You can never use a tiny car and its small engine to tow yours if your car is thrice bigger than his. You might be able to go on but after a little, while it can get strained that can cause the engine to e4xplode. 

Reason #3: Abiding the Law 

All places have different traffic laws and in some areas, it is prohibited to tow your car with just like the ordinary cars. Some places really require a tow truck and a towing service mainly because of road safety and they do not want to put the other road users at risk. When you are not really aware of the laws you can get a ticket for this offense. 

Reason #4: Safety First 

Hiring a towing service is the best way to safety, your safety, the safety of the people around you, and the safety of your car. Once you call a tow service, you do not need to worry about the reasons mentioned above.  

Don’t risk just because of the money a towing service will cost you. Safety should always be your first priority. It’s not bad to abide the law and just get someone to do the entire job for you, especially when they are assuring you safety and quality service. With a towing service, you will not be bothered or do not need to bother another person to help you take your car home or to a car repairman because they’ve got all the types of equipment and the right tow truck for your car.  If you are looking for the best trusted local towing service here in Canada, Aria Towing LTD is just a click away. Just visit our site here for more of the services we can help you with: