Simple Upgrades You Can Do to Your Swimming Pool

Is your swimming pool still stuck with all the most basic equipment packages? The truth is that there’s a possibility that your swimming pool builder installed what’s best for them alone and not for you. As a matter of fact, innovations in technology have already taken leaps as well as bounds in the swimming pool industry few years ago and everything is coordinated from lighting up to sophisticated water features. In this article, we have compiled some simple upgrades in order to improve your pool experience.

1. Utilizing Automatic Robotic Cleaner

Five years from now, most pool cleaners do not work well as they basically do today. This is because robotic types of cleaners are already available as entirely stand-along cleaning devices. This means that there is no need for you to run a swimming pool pump anymore. Aside from that, most automatic robotic swimming pool cleaners have the ability and flexibility in schedule of pool cleanings, Bluetooth enables, as well as some are controlled by a remote. One tip from an expert pool cleaning service provider is that you can actually be able to save money through reducing electricity consumption by plugging an automatic robotic cleaner into a 110V GFCI outlet as it is a typical type of outdoor plug.

2. Using a Chlorinator

If you are already tired of watching a tablet floater that’s moving around the pool’s surface while playing, or worst case scenario, collecting them in front of a skimmer, then you need to come up with a solution for it. Some simple tools as well as a new offline chlorinator must be the best solution. Easy installation via the equipment pad will definitely help in making sure that you’re efficiently dosing your swimming pool using a chlorine.

3. Using Led Bulb or Light

Led bulbs will not only make your evenings by the swimming pool so bright, but they’ll also help you save money on electrical consumption. Just like the bulbs in your house, a simple Incandescent or Halogen swap to a LED bulb or light will definitely make a very idea upgrade to your swimming pool. Aside from that, most have preset color change as well as color selections that you can even extend your daytime pool party into the night.

4. Automation and Timing

Once mechanical, times have actually moved to a modern digital age nowadays. Whether you’re activating your home hub in order to fully automate your swimming pool via a home assistant or maybe simply adding to your pool a digital timer, the truth is that automation is now extremely simple and affordable. A lot of older units can actually be converted in order to incorporate digital type of timers so that the swimming pool equipment can operate the moment you want it too. Furthermore, some swimming pool systems can even come with some remote monitoring that is very important while on vacation or even away from your residential proper for an extended period of time. To know more information about simple yet elegant pool upgrades, consider contacting a pool service in Navarre.

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